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Ethereum has reached its all time high by crossing over the $500 mark!


We have been posting about Ethereum for a while now. In August we stated that we would not be surprised to see Ethereum reach the $500 mark soon. On 24 November we also stated the following:


Currently being traded at $455, Ethereum still has a lot of potential for further growth.



Ethereum Chart


We are extremely excited to see Ethereum reach this milestone. We are big supporters of the Ethereum team and in particular of Vitalik Buterin (co-founder) who is extremely innovative.



Exciting times are ahead for Ethereum who are always looking to improve their network. Ethereum will be switching from ‘Proof of Work’ to ‘Proof of Stake.’ What this means is that ‘stakers’ who place their Ether into a specialised wallet would receive ‘dividends.’ The more Ether you hold in the designated wallet, the more you will be ‘rewarded.’


Exciting times are ahead in the Crypto market!


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