The U.S. dollar is the global unit of account, yet it is quickly losing all accountability and credibility. An alternative benchmark with a fixed and deterministic supply is necessary. Yes, I'm talking about Bitcoin.

Let #coronavirus teach us to save more in the future and not buy unnecessary goods. There is more demand for thermometers and face masks right now than the latest iPhone. #thinkaboutit

Please look after each other and remember the most vulnerable in our society. Let’s stick together and not against each other. #PrayForTheWorld

The government wants to give stimulus money to Americans through a digital dollar.

This will onboard hundreds of millions of people to Bitcoin.

Predictions post #coronavirus - we will be asked to get an app or even worse #microchip to monitor our health in order to avoid spreading future viruses across the globe

Predictions post #coronavirus - countries will use digital currency to avoid ‘spreading viruses’ on paper notes #blockchain #crypto

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