Bitcoin Crosses $10,000

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What an incredible year it has been for Bitcoin so far.


The King of the Crypto market which has come under attack by so many influential and powerful people, has come up on top and reached the $10,000 mark.


Bitcoin Chart


The climb has been astonishing from the Coin that has survived, bans, threats and negative publicity for a long time. Everyone now wants a Bitcoin…and yet most people still do not know how it works. We expect 2018 to be the year when people finally begin to understand how Crypto currencies work and function. This should cause even further rises for the Crypto market.


We do however expect Bitcoin to have a correction at some point (as it has done in the past). When that will happen, we do not know. Bitcoin has reached $10,000 much quickly than even most of its die hard supporters could have imagined 11 months ago.



Whilst attention has been on Bitcoin, EOS has been rising at a great rate also. We have been posting about EOS for a while now, and with a lot of positive news coming from the team behind it, it is definitely one to look out for.


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