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The Crypto currency market has seen a big drop in price today.


All of the ‘top 10’ Crypto currencies have seen their prices drop significantly today; following a week which had been extremely positive.


We predicted this would happen in our post of 28 November where we stated,

We do however expect Bitcoin to have a correction at some point (as it has done in the past). When that will happen, we do not know. Bitcoin has reached $10,000 much quickly than even most of its die hard supporters could have imagined 11 months ago.


Bitcoin – Had reached its all time high and was trading above $11,000 before falling. It is currently priced at $9,754


Ethereum – Had crossed over the $500 mark for the first time, it is currently at $424


Dash – Also had reached an all time high at $727 before falling to its current price of $695


Corrections such as these are common place, especially after the boom we have had in such a short space of time. In September Bitcoin had risen to $5,000 before falling to around $3,000.


As always it is extremely difficult to predict this market which is still in its early stages, but we do expect to see the market to bounce back once the correction is complete.


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