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We have seen yet another very interesting week in the Crypto world.


The Cryptocurrency market has seen a big influx of money being poured into it. The Crypto market is now worth over $500 Billion!


Most Crypto’s in the top 20 have seen gains this week, with a vast amount reaching all-time highs. Bitcoin is very close to reaching the $20,000 mark. Ethereum has crossed the $700 for the first time, and Litecoin has reached its all-time high at $322. However, Our Crypto of the week goes to Ripple’s XRP.


Ripple’s XRP has not seen a great deal of movement of the past couple of months, however this week that all changed. XRP started the week priced at just $0.23 before climbing to $0.90 and currently at $0.73. 


Ripple Chart


Will XRP reach $1 before the end of the year


The Crypto market is growing at a very rapid pace; new money is being pumped into the market on a daily basis. Both Coinbase and Etoro featured as ‘trending’ apps on Apple’s App store, showing just how popular Crypto’s are becoming.


If this popularity continues, and if new investors keep pouring money into the Crypto market at the current rate then we would not be surprised if XRP reached $1 sooner rather than later. It is not just Bitcoin getting all of the attention now, the general public are becoming more informed as to other Cryptos on the market.


Ripple is expected to make an announcement in the coming days of two new partnership deals, with unconfirmed rumours stating this is Amazon and Uber. Should the announcement include the use of Ripple’s XRP, this could send the price to $1.



There is also a petition online for Coinbase to add XRP – if this happens we expect to see a spike in price. We do not expect to see this before January 2018.


We wish you all a great week ahead. Once again we would like to urge caution for those who purchase Cryptos. If you have been following the market for a while you will no doubt have seen that big corrections and government interventions do take place which can affect the market greatly.


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