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The battle between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is set to continue with BCH preparing for another hard fork – not as contentious as its first hard fork that brought BCH into existence in the first place!


BCH’s latest fork is more of an update aimed at improving BCH. The BCH team have made no secret of the fact that they intent their crypto to be used as a global cash system.


The update will aim to better the BCH system by making it faster and even cheaper to make transactions. The BCH team behind the latest hard fork have yet to confirm what exactly it is they intend on including but due to the nature of the upgrade testing will take place between August and November signalling significant advancements in the crypto.


Bitcoin Cash (bch) Price

Price wise BCH has been on a downward spiral since the turn of the year (as has the majority of the Crypto market), it is yet to be seen whether the latest upgrade will push prices higher.


BCH has fallen from $751 to $586 in just 7 days. BCH’s aim is to overtake Bitcoin as the number 1 Crypto and split from any price trend that Bitcoin and the remaining market are following. In order to achieve this future forks will have to show vast improvements to the current Bitcoin model. BCH will have to show real world use that other cryptos do not currently have.


Let the battle continue!


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