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This week certainly been one to remember – and its still not over yet!


Litecoin decided to go on a very impressive bull run, which was followed by many of the ‘alt coins’ including Ethereum. Ripple’s XRP then decided to jump from $0.19 to $0.90 before a drop to $0.76 (currently).


As the ‘alt coins’ decided to take over the market, Bitcoin was left struggling at a time when it looked almost certain to reach the $20,000 mark.


Today is Bitcoin’s turn. The King of Crypto’s has resumed its rally, climbing almost 8%. Whilst Bitcoin has been climbing, the majority of the Crypto market has been falling.



Bitcoin Chart


It now remains to be seen whether Bitcoin can reach that $20,000 mark by the end of the year.


What else to look out for today

As stated above Ripple’s XRP reached $0.90 last night. Many are expecting an announcement today that could send the price to $1. Be mindful that many previous announcements from Ripple have not been as expected and have caused the price to drop. Almost a month to the day was the announcement that Amex would be partnering with Ripple; this caused XRP to spike briefly until investors realised that the announcement did not include the use of Ripple’s XRP. (Click here to read more).


Stay on the look out for any announcements today by Ripple, and be sure to check that the announcement includes XRP and not just the Ripple Network.


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