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The Crypto Market has begun the week positively, as Bitcoin nears the $9,000 mark just days after it had dropped to $6,000. There is also gains for Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple’s XRP and Litecoin.


Bitcoin Chart


The only Crypto in the top 10 which is currently down is Cardano.


There are massive gains for two lesser known Cryptos:

  1. U.CASH – up by 482% and
  2. E-Coin – up by 248%.


More cryptocurrency regulation on the way

We expect further news and announcements in the coming weeks concerning the regulation of the Crypto market. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) have already stated that they shall be seeking to prevent the illicit use of Cryptocurrencies.


Further news is expected from the USA, China and South Korea on their plans to deal with Cryptos. It seems that the focus will begin with regulating the exchanges and ICO’s (which China have already banned).


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