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Bitcoin Cash has today risen by over 25%, currently trading at $1,252 (according to


The rise comes following more demand with a trade volume of over $1.8 Billiion in the last 24 hours. Many doubt the long term future of Bitcoin Cash, however we are expecting it to be one of the best performing Cryptos of 2018.


The teams behind Bitcoin Cash are working extremely hard in order to produce a Crypto that contains as many uses as possible. Bitcoin Cash has slowly been attracting more support, mainly due to its increased block size, meaning it can process transactions cheaper and faster than the current version of Bitcoin. Unless Bitcoin finds a solution to its current problems, it is in danger of losing a battle with its hard forked rival, Bitcoin Cash.


Bitcoin Cash


It shall be interesting to see whether the demand for Bitcoin Cash will continue to rise over the next few days or whether there will be another pull back.


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