TRON Climbs As Rest Of Crypto Market Stumbles Again

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TRON is currently the only crypto in the top 10 that has spent the day in the green. The remaining cryptos in the top 10 including Bitcoin have continued their recent bearish trend.


Why is tron rising

The reason for TRON’s rise is due to its Test Net launch tomorrow. The TRON foundation have been using twitter to publicise the event, and you may want to keep an eye out on the happenings if you have an interest in TRON.


One day left until the testnet launch. Don´t miss the chance to ask questions and know more about , your questions might be answered by our tech team during the live, see you at 10:00am, Mar 31st(GMT+8)  (@tronfoundation)


the crypto decline continues

The bearish trend in the remaining Crypto market (for the most part) continues as Bitcoin is down by another 8%, Ethereum has dropped 11%, in price and Bitcoin Cash has fallen by 14%.


Confidence in the market that was climbing so high before the turn of the year is down. Investors are worried that governments and regulators will ban and/or significantly limit the use of Cryptos. The decline has seen much of the Cryoto market hit their 2018 lows as investors await clarity.


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Regulators and governments will do well to work with, rather than against the creators of Crypto in order to create a regulated framework that products consumers and users but allows the technology the freedom it needs to flourish. Of course, regulators have the right to prevent criminal activities taking place but their focus must not be to prevent Cryptos from advancing technology as we know it.


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