Not so ‘Swell’ for Ripple

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Ripple’s highly anticipated ‘Swell’ conference took place this week on 16-18 October.

There were plenty of eyes on the conference, with much of it being streamed online. Many investors saw this conference as a spring board which would push Ripple’s XRP Crypto price higher. Unfortunately, the event did not live up to the hype and after an initial rise on 16 October which saw XRP’s price climb to $0.29 for a brief period, the price began to fall. The current price of XRP is $0.20.

Much of the conference was spent discussing blockchain technology in general, there was not a lot of focus on Ripple’s XRP Cryptocurrency, which led to investors selling off their XRP.

The fall in price should not however be linked solely to the ‘Swell’ event as many of the Crypto’s have seen price drops this week, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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