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Ripple’s XRP has once again seen a big increase in price over the past 24 hours – up by over 33%!


Ripple Chart

The increase in Ripple XRP’s since the beginning of December has been huge; it has risen from just $0.23 on 10 December to $1.86 (as at the time of writing). For a brief period of time XRP had even overtaken Ethereum to claim second place (behind Bitcoin) in terms of Market Cap. If XRP continues its rally it could reclaim that second spot by the end of the day.


Coinbase Rumours Continue 

Rumours that XRP will be available on Coinbase in the beginning of 2018 are still circulating. It seems that it is only a matter of time before Coinbase decides to add XRP, which will open the door for new investors to jump on board.



XRP looks attractive to hedge funds that are beginning to enter into the Crypto market. Hedge funds see XRP as a safer investment to many of the other Cryptos due to its price, and the infrastructure of Ripple. Ripple’s partnership with major Banks and organisations also make investing in XRP tempting.


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