Facebook Meets With Stellar (XLM) – Cryptocurrency Update

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Facebook sent a team to meet with Stellar in order to discuss blockchain technology and how it could implement blockchain technology.


It is not known whether Facebook are planning on using Stellar or developing its own independant blockchain. Some reports have stated that Facebook are planning to fork Stellar but those reports are yet to be confirmed. The news saw Stellar briefly begin to rally in price before another drop in the crypto market saw prices fall.


Crypto prices stumble once again 

The crypto market has fallen again today with Bitcoin seeing a drop of almost 7% whilst Ethereum and EOS are down by 10%. The bearish trend continues – it is hard to know where the bottom is at the moment.



The Turish Lira has fallen hard due to tensions with America – this has led many in Turkey turning to Bitcoin and other cryptos. Could this be a sign of what is to come on a global scale? Should there be another economic crash, then crypto may seen appealing which could lead to further real world use.


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