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Our ‘Crypto of the week’ just keeps on rising.


In August we stated that we would not be surprised to see Ethereum reaching $500 and more in the near future. Bitcoin hardforks and China ICO bans meant that Ethereum’s rally stalled. It has now picked up however and a lot of attention is now back on the coin that was just $8 in January!


Currently being traded at $455, Ethereum still has a lot of potential for further growth.


Ethereum Chart


Bitcoin Cash has also seen big gains and is currently up by 11% today (currently at $1,677). On Sunday we stated the following, ‘Despite the views on many, we see Bitcoin Cash as a very useful coin – will the price soon reflect this.’


More and more money is being pumped into Crypto’s at the moment. The interest is growing, investors who were once sceptical are now investing into a market that has seen astronomical growth over the past 11 months. Click here to compare just how much the market has grown over such a short period of time.


We are still a way off using Crypto’s on a day to day basis, but this really has been ‘the year of the Crypto.’


It really is exciting times to be involved in Crypto currency. We will continue to keep you updated on events. As interest increases we expect to see further attempts by governments to ‘ban’ or place restrictions on Crypto’s in the near future. We also expect to see many new coins and ICO’s hitting the market. Always stay up to date as things could change in an instant! Please consider supporting us if you find our website useful.


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