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There have been a lot of contenders this week for our prestigious award – ‘Crypto of the Week.’


Bitcoin has reached an all time high (again) and is currently trading at just under $8,000. We are however tired of awarding the current King of Crypto’s with this award!


Neo has risen by a massive 50% this week, yet the rise has been largely due to ‘rumours’ which have yet to be confirmed.


We have therefore decided to go with Ethereum which has risen from $307 to $351. Whilst the rise has not been as huge, Ethereum has slowly been creeping up. Remember Ethereum was just $16 in March.


Ethereum Chart


In September we expected the price of Ethereum to start climbing, however all attention turned to Bitcoin with the Bitcoin Gold hard fork followed by Segwit2x. Bitcoin Cash then got involved and Ethereum got pushed to one side.


Attention is now slowly drifting back towards Etheruem who have a dedicated team working alongside the extremely talented Vitalik Buterin (Co-founder of Ethereum). The classy Buterin even congratulated Bitcoin Cash when its market cap overtook that of Ethereum’s (albeit short lived).


Trading on the South Korean market has picked up recently which has contributed to Ethereum’s rise in price. With more and more investors buying Cryptocurrency, we expect Ethererum to continue its upward momentum in the coming weeks (of course this is the Crypto world and that could all change in an instant).


Crypto’s to keep an eye on 


  1. Bitcoin – will it keep going up and reach that $10,000 mark before the end of the year
  2. EOS – Has seen great gains recently. The team behind EOS are working extremely hard. We would not be surprised to see EOS reach $3 and more in the near future.
  3. NEO – If the rumours prove to be true then we could see Neo climbing to all time highs and possibly even $80 and more. If the rumours prove to be false then Neo could see a big drop in the coming days.
  4. Bitcoin Cash – Despite the views on many, we see Bitcoin Cash as a very useful coin – will the price soon reflect this



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