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The Crypto market is seeing big losses following news in Asia.


At the end of 2017 we stated on multiple occasions that the biggest threat to the Crypto market in 2018 would come from governments seeking to introduce more regulation.


Over the past couple of weeks there have been reports that South Korea are to ban Crypto trading. We stated that we did not believe this would happen. We still stand by that stance, and believe that it is more likely for regulation to be introduced which will mean that exchanges cannot buy or sell Cryptos without carrying out proper checks on their customers.


There have also been reports that China are set to introduce further regulation on the trading of Cryptos, with possible bans on ‘centralised trading.’ Whilst it is not clear how China plan to implement further regulations, it appears that the news coinciding with the events in South Korea has caused panic in the Crypto market, with many selling as they fear bans may come into place.



Bitcoin fell by over 20% today alone, whilst almost every single Crypto in the top 100 spent the day bearish, with the majority seeing prices fall by over 20%.


We are however expecting a recovery to take place soon, and for the panic to end. We would not be surprised to see a big climb very shortly (as has happened on various occasions in the Crypto market).


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