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This has been a week of ups and downs in the Crypto market so here’s a quick summary concerning some of the major Cryptos.



Ethereum’s price have dipped below the $700 mark but could soon climb up fast as Ethereum futures (via Crypto Facilities) is now live. It is expected that more platforms will follow with more Cryptos being added, which will bring more liquidity and get more people involved.



We have been following EOS for months and brought it to your attention (should you been following us) when the price was just $0.70. Read our earlier post on EOS here.


EOS is preparing to launch in mainnet by 2 June. I still remain of the view that EOS is here to stay and definitely one that you should be keeping an eye on.



Needs a boost to get anywhere near its high of $3.50. A big partnership announcement or, as is highly anticipated an announcement that it will get added to coinbase.

In terms of real world use it needs a big institution to begin the implementation and use of XRP.



With its hard fork due on 15 May this is the one to pay most attention to, not just for the short term but long term also. Despite its negative publicity, it is a Crypto that looks most likely to challenge Bitcoin (BTC) for that number 1 spot. Real world use is the focus of Bitcoin Cash. The hard fork will increase its block size to 32mb and include smart contracts.


Have a great week and be sure to check back for more news and information.


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