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Here’s some of the recent news surrounding the Crypto world:



Revolut have recently added Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets which allow its users to exchange fiat into Crypto (and vice versa) as well as storing Crypto. It also allows users to spend Crypto in the same way you would use fiat. There is still a long way to go for Revolut to get this working as it should and the moment you cannot transfer Crypto to and from other wallets using Revolut.


Revolut are set to make another Crypto announcement next week after tweeting the following:

We have a BIG update dropping next week for our Crypto fans…


Consensus 2018

Consensus 2018 had over 8,500 people in attendance for its annual Blockchain conference. Last year there were 2,700, which shows just how popular Crypto is becoming. Crypto and the Blockchain are still in very early stages, but interest is clearly growing at a very high rate.


Crypto pice

Investors have been left disappointed as they were expecting a rise in the market this week due to the consensus conference – instead Bitcoin fell below $8,000 before recovering to just over $8,200 (at the time of writing).


We continue to hear news and rumours of bans, tough regulations and exchange hacks which are keeping the prices down as investors panic, in what is a new market.


What is clear, is that the blockchain is here to stay. BMW, Porsche, IBM and many other big companies are already investing heavily into blockchain technology.


Have a great weekend guys! For those of you who are holding Crypto, try not to spend the whole weekend staring at charts!


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