BMW To Implement Blockchain Technology – More Real World Application

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BMW are currently testing blockchain technology in order to track mileage in their leased cars.


They are planning to use a blockchain in order to monitor their cars’ activity. This is just another example of more real world use for blockchain technology. Porsche have previously announced their testing of blockchain technology and it appears that BMW don’t want to fall behind in what is the future of technology.


BMW’s blockchain will also provide tokens to those who use the blockchain, which can exchanged for other services such as tyre changes etc.


We will continue to see real world uses for blockchain technology which is going to have a real impact on everyday life. We expect the health service, schools, banks, public transport and much much more to implement blockchain technology in the near future.


Other news

In other news the Crypto market has fallen today following comments by Warren Buffet liking Bitcoin to ‘rat poison.’ I have to say that I agree with Buffet. I too believe Bitcoin and Cryptos are rat poison, and the current financial institutions are the rats :-).


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