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Stephen James, a UK BMW car dealership have announced that they are accepting Bitcoin as payment. In reality this is likely to be marketing scheme by Stephen James and the payment is currently via Bitpay, which means whilst you could be paying in Bitcoin, they would receive the funds in Sterling. Nevertheless, global brands and companies are realising the benefits of crypto and are looking at different ways to implement crypto.


MASTERCARD gets patent

Mastercard have been granted a patent for a system of speeding up crypto currency payments. The method will essentially use a ‘centralised’ system by storing cryptos using traditional fiat methods. It will be interesting to see how payment systems such as MasterCard and Visa decide to use crypto/blockchain in the future.


Many were predicting the end of cryptocurrency even before it had started, but it is clear that crypto is here to stay. Companies are spending a lot of time and money into looking at ways to scale and implement cryptos.


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