Bitcoin Continues to Climb With More ‘Hard Forks’ to Follow

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Bitcoin has reached yet another great milestone after climbing to over $14,000!


The majority of the crypto market has once again taken a big hit as money is poured into the King of crypto’s.


Ethereum$421 (Down almost 10%)


Bitcoin Cash$1,400 (Down almost 8%)


Ripple$0.22 (Down almost 8%)


Litecoin$98 (Down almost 5%)


Bitcoin is not the only Crypto that has seen big gains today, IOTA has risen by over 17% and Monero is up by 6%.


The rise in Bitcoin’s price has come as new money is being pumped into the Crypto Market by new investors on a daily basis, with the majority of it being pumped into Bitcoin at the time being. With Bitcoin futures imminent and a number of ‘hard forks’ on the way this could also be pushing the price higher.


Up coming Hard Forks 


  1. Super Bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin Platinum
  3. Bitcoin Uranium
  4. Bitcoin Cash Plus
  5. Bitcoin Silver
  6. Bitcoin god


These hard forks, as with previous hard forks are likely to produce ‘free coins’ for those who currently hold Bitcoin. Whilst at the moment ‘hard forks’ look lucrative for investors due to the ‘free’ coins they receive if these forks keep occurring then it seems it would be detrimental to Bitcoin.


Click here for more information on what a hard fork is.


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