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There really is no stopping Ripple from causing a major wave in the Crypto World.


On 3 January 2017 you could have exchanged $1 for 157 XRP tokens….A year later and 1 XRP is currently priced at $2.89. The rise for Ripple’s XRP has been quite extraordinary. Ripple’s XRP was the best performing Crypto of 2017, and has continued its upward trend into 2018.


Rumours circulation the internet are contributing to the rise in Ripple’s XRP. The rumours include partnership deals with Apple, Amazon and Google; but perhaps the most influential rumour at the moment is that Coinbase will soon be adding XRP to their platform. It is rumoured that this will occur this month, with many speculating that the date will be 8 January.


We have seen rumours causing Ripple’s XRP to surge in the past. We have also seen that when rumours do not come to pass the price drops dramatically, very quickly. Therefore, be sure to keep up to date with the latest news and happenings surrounding XRP.


Other News

Bitcoin Cash are set to launch their own debit card in the near future. This is in line with their goal, which is aimed at tackling the ‘cash’ market.


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