Are people now more interested in buying Bitcoin than Gold?

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As reported by Bloomberg, according to Google trends people are now searching “buy Bitcoin” more frequently than “buy Gold.”


This goes to show how popular Bitcoin has recently become. Gold has been seen as a safe long term investment by many, yet the popularity in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies is increasing. It now appears that more and more people are gaining interest in an area which has received a lot of negative press.


The majority of the public still do not know much about the function of Cryptocurrencies; there is still a stigma attached to them (particularly Bitcoin). Most conversations I have with people usually involve them, at some point, making the statement that Bitcoin was designed for criminals to use on the dark web.


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Nevertheless, the interest from the public is growing. People are not happy with the returns they are getting by keeping their money in the Bank, and they see how much Bitcoin has risen in price.


Your average investor in Bitcoin still does not know how the Blockchain works or how Bitcoin is mined etc, but the interest is growing despite the negative press.


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