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The crypto market this week has been bearish despite many predicting a bullish week due to the consensus conference taking place in New York. There has however been some positive news/announcements in relation to some of the top cryptos, including the following:


Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

The scheduled hard fork took place on 15 May increasing the block size from 8mb to 32mb and allowing the ability for smart contracts to be implemented in the future. Bitcoin Cash will also allow developers to create ‘coloured coins’ which may correspond with different uses, for example, precious metals, stocks or real estate.


StellaR lumens (XLM)

IBM have announced that they will use the Stellar blockchain to issue tokens on a public blockchain.


Ripple (xrp)

Ripple made an announcement at consensus introducing their new Spring initiative aimed at helping businesses to build products and services with XRP. They are trying to push the use of XRP – Ripple have often been criticised for not doing enough relating to XRP.


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