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Bitcoin SV (BSV), the crypto backed by Craig Wright is never too far away from controversy, the latest of which has seen exchanges, and most notably Binance, taking action by delisting BSV.

Binance and others have decided to delist BSV following Craig Wright’s outbursts and threats to sue anyone who claims he is not Satoshi. It seems that the whole crypto community are losing patience with Craig and the BSV team who consistently attack Bitcoin (BTC) and almost every other crypto.

The latest controversy is just a long line of issues that Craig Wright has gone through since he claimed to be Satoshi. Craig was not happy with the direction BTC was heading, mainly due to the refusal to increase its block size from 1mb, and therefore he formed part of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) team who famously forked BTC. A dispute followed with Roger Ver and others in the BCH camp, which led to BSV being formed.

Once Binance announced it was delisting BSV, its price dropped massively, with BCH’s price increasing. BSV has yet to recover and is now priced at $56 whilst BCH is the only crypto in the top 20 currently showing a gain.

Whilst I understand people’s frustration with Craig Wright and his team, I do not believe that delisting BSV is right. We should be free to choose the crypto we want to purchase, and there are those who are big fans of BSV as a crypto. Disputes like this should not end with a crypto being delisted from an exchange…and who knows Craig Wright may soon provide evidence to show he is in fact Satoshi!

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