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Bitcoin mining is always hot topic, however the expensive hardware needed and the amount of energy consumed means that many of us do not become miners. There is however another way…cloud mining.

I was recently asked whether cloud mining was legitimate and whether it was something worth doing. I therefore decided to try a few cloud mining solutions but found many were extremely ‘buggy’ and contained spam/malware. I did however find one cloud mining solution which appeared to be better than the rest – ‘CryptoTab browser.

What is cryptotab browser?

CryptoTab Browser is made possible by the Chromium open source project, it therefore very similar to using Google Chrome, but will also mine Bitcoin for you whilst your browse the web!

It is extremely easy to use and within minutes of downloading the browser you’ll start earning Satoshi’s which can be transferred into your Bitcoin wallet. Personally, I like the ease and speed of setting this up. Whilst I probably would not leave my computer on just to mine Bitcoin via CryptoTab, I will certainly leave it running in the background whilst I do use my computer – as I am doing whilst writing this post!

CryptoTab is not going to make you rich, or mine you a Bitcoin everyday, but it may be handy in earning that small extra Bitcoin whilst you browse the web and if the price of BTC keeps increasing, then who knows how much those little mined Satoshi’s will be worth in the future! I do not use CryptoTab to browse the web, but I do keep it running in the background whilst I use preferred Safari browser.

You can download CryptoTab here and become a Bitcoin miner in seconds. Please let us know how you get on.

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