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The Bitcoin Cash (BCH)  price rose by over 13% during its “stress test” day. The stress test, driven by the BCH community aimed to create over 5 million BCH transactions over a 24 hour period with minimum fees in order to demonstrate BCH’s network capacity.


The stress test so far appears to have been a success with over 2 million transactions and a reported block of over 15mb – sure to spark further debate with the Bitcoin (BTC) community who decided against increasing their block size which led to the formation of BCH. A popular criticism of Bitcoin (BTC) is the rise in mining fees during high network volume. Bitcoin Cash’s mining fees however did not increase during the high network volume,  with average fees actually falling from $0.002 to $0.0017.


The stress test has no doubt put BCH in a good position as it begins to demonstrate that it can be used in the ways it was intended, and without fees increasing during busy periods. Further stress tests and demonstration of user ability will be needed before users are fully convinced of its real world use, and before it can boast that it has taken over BTC as the “real” Bitcoin.


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